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Choose a Patient Management System Based on EMR System for GPs

Managing a GP clinic or a physician’s practice in Singapore means paying careful attention to the details. You have to take care of your patient’s health related problems and the operational needs of your clinic. An innovative patient management system software is a solution to your woes.


A state-of-the-art patient management system brings automation to various day-to-day operational tasks in a clinic. Most important among it is the documentation that the doctor and the staff have to deal with. It offers a great opportunity for the clinic managers to opt for a paperless clinic.

EMR System for GP

A web-based clinic management software provides user-friendly graphical interfaces. It allows the users to capture a patient’s personal details, medical history, allergy data, and other relevant information. The data is then, stored on the web servers as structured Electronic Medical Records (EMRs). It remains available to the authorized users of the system. They can access it at any time from anywhere over the internet.

During treating a patient, the medical professionals may need to take the opinion of their colleagues. If they could transfer patient’s data electronically, it really saves a lot of physical work. The clinic management systems that incorporate EMR system for GP are perfectly suitable for this purpose. These systems can exchange structured EMRs.

Go for Your Patient’s Satisfaction and Goodwill

A well-chosen patient management system will really help in streamlining the clinic’s workflow by seamlessly managing the clinic’s internal processes and patients’ needs. The patients do appreciate the reduction in their waiting time and the other benefits that they get to enjoy. They benefit from the automated appointment scheduling. The system sends them the email and SMS reminders about their appointments with the doctors.

Does Your Clinic Needs a Singapore Medical System Software?

The size of the clinic can be one of the major obstacles in implementing a Singapore medical system software. The small clinic managers may think that their needs are, but a few, and they do not require the clinic system. And the managers of mid-size to the large medical practices may assume that it is much too small to fulfill their needs. Well, the customization of the chosen patient management system software to make it suit your needs is the solution.

Before buying a clinic software or clinic CRM, you need to give a thought to your own requirements and then search on the internet to find a suitable one for you. You should then talk with the representative of the software manufacturer like SBS Consulting and discuss customizing it to fit your needs.

Give the patient management system a try, do away with paper file cabinets and enjoy better doctor management, improved billing and payment modules utilizing International Code of Diagnosis (ICD) and alert-based inventory management.



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