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Clinic Management System that Fits Your Practice Like a Glove in Hand

No doctor practicing in Singapore wants to miss out on implementing an integrated clinic management system. It gives an opportunity for the GPs and Physicians to streamline their administrative and billing tasks.

An innovative clinic software Singapore has the potential to help a medical practice in radically transforming internal work processes, cut down on manual work, wasted time, errors and costs. Every progressive clinic or the medical office in Singapore should use such a clinic management system if they want to improve their patient’s satisfaction.

Integrated Modules of the Clinic Management Software

Choosing an integrated Singapore medical system software is a tricky job. If you are not watchful, you might get saddled with something that is not as user-friendly as you wanted to or that lacks in functionality that you coveted. Following are few of the modules that you should look for in an integrated doctor software.

  • Electronic Medical Records (EMRs)
  • International Code of Diagnosis
  • In-built Queue System
  • Appointment and Scheduling and Reminders
  • Billing and payment
  • Consultation
  • Inventory
  • Reports
  • Email & SMS Management


Tips for Selecting a Clinic Management System

  • Set up an Assesment team Involving Your Staff: You need to take inputs about a practice management software from your staff members before fixing your requirements. It will increase the chances of its acceptance from them. It will also reduce the time and cost of implementation.
  • Challenges of Patient Management and Medical Claims: Review your standard operating procedures and generate process maps depicting your current in-house practices for the patient appointment and scheduling and the revenue cycle.
  • Generate a Checklist for Clinic System: The medical practices differ which affects what they want in a clinic system. Making a checklist of features and functionalities that you want in the clinic management system helps in identifying a software that comes close to their expectations. It also allows the GPs and physicians to determine how much customization they will need to make it a perfect fit for their practice.
  • Desktop-based or a Web-based Clinic CRM: A web-based clinic software makes you independent of your workstation. The patient’s and clinic’s data is stored securely on the server. You can access it from anywhere and at any time over the internet using your smartphone, tablet, laptop, or the desktop.

A clinic management system failing to integrate with your medical office’s workflow will prove to be a burden. If it cannot provide for the International Code of Diagnosis (ICD) or In-built Queue System, it will surely stress your staff out and create more problems. It will surely hurt your productivity and profits.



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