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Go Paperless with an Integrated Clinic Management Software

The clinic management software systems used by the big and multi-speciality healthcare organizations is not a new thing. They essentially have a large budget to cover the expenses for it. However, what about GP clinics or the small physicians’ practices in Singapore? Isn’t there any clinic management software for them?

It is important for the medical practitioners to automate their clinic as much as possible by implementing a clinic management software. A small clinic does not automatically means less administrative work for the doctor. And you don’t have more than 24 hours in a day available to you. Certainly, there is no cause for you to waste it on the lengthy and time-consuming tasks when you can use it to see more patients and generate more revenue.

Replace Paper Files with Clinic Management System Singapore

You need to take a critical review of your workflow to weed out the inefficiencies in it. You have all the more reason to do it if you are still using paper-file-based records. A few practitioners consider it as the number one time-waster, as you need to manually locate and handle the patients’ files. But, what happens if the files are not in their allocated place. It keeps the patient waiting while you dash this or that way.

Isn’t it time for you to do away with the outdated system and really think hard about upgrading your practice with a doctor & clinic management system? You must have misplaced patients’ files or records a number of times to be in the position to take a decisive action in this regard. Managing a paperless GP clinic or physician’s practice is much easier. The patients’ data is captured easily and is stored in the system. It is instantly accessible to you.

Using Absolute Clinic Management Software

Oh, you already use a medical software. Here are a few questions for you.

How long since you have updated it?

Does it enable you to keep in touch with your practice from wherever you are and that too, at odd times?

Is it well-designed to accommodate the changes in patients’ expectation that the ever progressing time throws at you?

Using an absolute medical clinic management software is not a solution to deal with the needs of today’s internet savvy patients. You need to adopt a web-based clinic management software to do it.

SMS and Email Reminders

The highly integrated doctor & clinic management software systems come with a dedicated SMS and Email reminder module. The system assists with the patient appointments and scheduling.

On top of that, the software automatically reminds the patients, in advance, of their appointment at the clinic which enable them to plan for it. The system also sends vaccination pending reminders and alerts to the patients. Efficiency-wise, the reminder facility saves time and efforts for the front-desk staff who otherwise would need to call the patients using phone resulting in increased phone bills and a waste of time.

A well-crafted module impacts the revenue of the clinic in the positive manner as the SMS and Email reminders drastically reduce the number of no-shows cases of the patients. It enables the clinic to monetize the doctor’s time in the office.

Electronic Medical Records (EMR)

An online clinic management system Singapore uses EMR (Electronic Medical Records) to store a patient’s personal details and medical history in a structured format. The system proved of real use when the GP’s refer their patients to the specialists for medical consultations. The system forwards the patient’s medical history and other details to the clinic system software on the recipient’s computer. This system helps in maintaining patient’s data in one place.

Streamline Your Workflow with Web-based Clinic Management Software

The medical software for doctors makes a GP’s life easy by providing efficient support for in-built queue system, Patient Management, Allergy warning Management, Prescription Management, Electronic medical reports, and Patient visit details. It is also of help in Inventory management. It improves the function by providing timely expiry alerts for the efficient drug management.

There is a few well-designed clinic software that uses International Code of Diagnosis (ICD). It increases the accuracy of the medical claims. The medical software for doctors is designed to connect seamlessly with the popular accounting software systems like Quick Books and MYOB which assists in medical billing and payment.

If you are seriously looking for a clinic management software to upgrade your clinic, search on the internet to know about the latest ones. Ask your business associates and acquaintances for a referral. Contact and talk to the software developer’s or vendor’s representatives and ask for a demo. Involve your staff in the process to get their opinion. See, if your clinic has any special needs to customize and get concrete assurances on those issues from the short-listed software provider.



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