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Clinic Management System that Fits Your Practice Like a Glove in Hand

The doctors are trying the implementation of doctor & clinic management system Singapore. They know the benefits of such a move. The system facilitates the GPs and Physicians to have a much better control over their administrative and billing tasks.

An integrated clinic software Singapore can assist a medical practice in efficiently transforming its internal processes. It allows them reduce their manual work, time spent in repeatative tasks, manual errors and overhead costs. That is why every GP’s clinic in Singapore are considering the use an integrated doctor & clinic management system Singapore. Afteral, their ultimate goals is to provide better healthcare to its patients and generate increased revenue and profit.

Clinic Management System


Implement an Integrated Clinic Management Software

If you search online, you will find different types of medical software for doctors. It makes selecting a medical clinic management software a tricky task. Searching for a web-based clinic management software is worth your while. These systems offer you with a versatile and cost-effective option to improve the workflow of your medical practice.

Go through as many online clinic management system as you can. The important thing is to know your clinic’s needs. Invite suggestions from your staff since they also deal with practical aspects of running your medical practice. This will enable you to avoid from getting burdened with a tool that is not as user-friendly as you wanted to it to be or that lacks in functionality that your clinic needs. The medical software differs in their features and offerings, however, following are few of the features that you must spcifically search for in the shortlisted doctor management software.

  • Electronic Medical Records (EMRs)
  • International Code of Diagnosis
  • In-built Queue System
  • Appointment and Scheduling and Reminders
  • Email & SMS Management
  • Billing and payment
  • Consultation
  • Inventory
  • Reports

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Selecting a Clinic Management System Singapore

  • Involve Your Staff: Involving your staff in fixing the needs of the doctor & clinic management system Singapore is important. If you are already using an old clinic software for the purpose then your staff will have so many things to contribute to the selection of a best tool for your clinic. Their participation in the process will inevitably cut short the resistance to the change, and will promote immediate acceptance of the new tool. In no time, your clinic will see an increase in its efficiency.
  • Take a Review of In-house Processes: Delegate one of your staff the task of reviewing of your standard operating procedures. Let him or her to make a flowchart or the process maps showing the relations and dependencies between your existing in-house practices. Let them do it for all the tasks starting with the patient appointment & scheduling, billing & payments to the inventory management. The process will highlight the areas you need to improve to bring them to current practices. It will also reveal what you need in your new clinic management software.
  • Prepare a Checklist for Medical Software for Doctors: Every GP clinics have special needs that is why they cannot take an off-the-shelf doctor & clinic management system Singapore and make them work for them. Even if you find a promising clinic software for your use, a little bit of customization may be necessary. Prepare a checklist of features and modules that you need in the system to be implemented. It will help you in having a software that will fit your medical practice like a glove. The checklist will also help you in communicating your requirements to the software manufacturer, the areas where they will need focus during the customization of their software.


  • Choosing a Web-based online Clinic Management System: There are desktop-based and web-based doctor & clinic management system Singapore available in the market. The latter ones make you free of your workstation. You will be able to access them using the desktop, laptop, smartphone or tablets from whereever you want. These systems captures and stores patient’s and clinic’s information in the centralized data repository maintained in the secure web servers. All you need to open your browser to the access the data instantly at any time of choosing.

Upgrading your clinic with a new doctor & clinic management system Singapore is big decision, as it is going to make you shed some of your familiar ways. Before taking a firm decision, you may want to ask around and get a reference from your friends and colleague and explore the options.

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