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Top Clinic Management System- Complete Solution for GP Clinics

A GP clinic and a physician’s practice benefits from the use of business software Singapore like clinic management system. However, it is important for the doctors to, firstly, assess their particular needs and tasks they need to automate. Doing so enables them in deciding whether to use an off-the-shelf clinic management software as it is or get it customized from the manufacturer.

Clinic Management System Singapore

YES! Small GP Clinics Need Clinic Management System Singapore

An integrated clinic system rich in modules is the solution to up the efficiency of a GP clinic. It helps in streamlining its internal processes like administrative, medical, financial, etc. The clinic management system software enables independent medical practices to achieve its primary aim. These establishments are very concerned with moving patients through the practice efficiently.

The small GP clinics have to be spot on about their cost effectiveness and in achieving growth. On the other hand, they do not want to compromise their patients’ satisfaction and goodwill. A rapidly growing practice can effectively deal with such a predicament by implementing a web-based clinic management system.

How Clinic Management Software Works?

An online clinic management software is the best tool to cope up with the increased number of patients and resulting workload. It enhances the productivity by drastically reducing the manual part in the day-to-day tasks of a healthcare center.

Most importantly, a clinic management system turns the establishment in a paperless clinic by eliminating the paper-based filing system. It stores the captured data on the web servers. The front-desk staff can access it instantly using a few mouse-click as against sorting and searching the patient’s records in the paper files. It saves the precious time for the patients.

Best Clinic Management System for Your Medical Practice

Any business software Singapore that allows a business, including GP clinics and physician’s medical practices, to save its clients’ valuable time is worth investing in. You need to research the available proprietary off-the-shelf clinic management software systems to zero-in on the best one. Following are the essential features that you should look for sorting them.

  • Clinic Management
  • Patients Management
  • Appointments, Scheduling & Reminders Management
  • In-built Queuing System
  • Consultation (Case Notes)
  • Prescription Management
  • International Code of Diagnosis
  • Allergy Warning Management
  • Vaccination pending Reminders
  • Patient Visit Details
  • Email and SMS Reminders
  • Connectivity to the Accounting Software
  • Billing & Payment (Itemized, Corporate, Refunds, & Statements of Accounts)
  • Electronic Medical Report
  • Drugs Management – Expiring Alerts
  • Inventory Management (Drug Inventory and Stock Control)
  • Lead generation and tracking
  • Report Generation
  • Electronic Medical Records

A clinic management system Singapore that incorporates Electronic Medical Record (EMR) goes far ahead in easing the life of the patients. It allows the medical professionals in storing patients’ personal details and medical histories in the structured format. It is easy for them to transmit such data to the other consulting doctors and health centers.

Clinic Management System
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The clinic management system offers a functional module for handling management of medical billing & payments. It facilitates itemized billing and adequately supports private and corporate patients. An advanced clinic management system simplifies the refunding. It also generates and prints statements of accounts.

Data Security

The clinic management software uses security matrix to protect the clinic’s and patient’s sensitive data. Only authorized users can access the resources that are stored on the web servers. They need to use their Usernames and Passwords to log in on the system. However, they can do so at any time and from anywhere in the world.

Access the System Using Web Browser Application

They can use the web browser application on their desktop, laptop, tablet, and smartphone. It allows the medical professionals to refer any data on the system. It saves them from having to visit the clinic or medical office physically which was the case with the paper-based filing system.

The online patient management system provides you with the best in the class features and actually arms you in taking complete charge of your clinic. It provides intuitive user interfaces that even non-technical person can grasp quickly. It sends emails and SMSs reminders to the patients which lessen the number of no-show cases. The tool helps in optimizing the doctor’s time that results in increased revenue for the clinic.

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