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Buy a Customized Doctor Management System for Your GP Clinic

When you choose to opt for a doctor management system, you need to be very careful in choosing the provider. The reason is simple. Buying an off-the-shelf medical software for doctors and trying to fit your clinic’s needs around it is like putting the wagon in front of the horse.

Like every other organization, a GP clinic or a physician’s medical office has a unique set of requirements. The software manufacturer or the provider must consent to customize these in the software if it is necessary.

Choosing a Doctor Management System

You must remember that an intuitive and user-friendly software will be more useful to your staff. It will help them in changing over from the old paper-file-based record system to a digital one. Some of them are going to find the change uncomfortable that is why involving every one of them in choosing a suitable doctor management software becomes necessary.


It is important for you to ask for their suggestions and ideas about the healthcare software at the time of listing your clinic’s needs. Each of your staff member who are well-familiar with the various tasks in the clinic will have something to add to the customization of the software.

Involving your staff members in choosing the clinic management system for your office will help in overcoming the resistance of a few staff members to the change. It will also dispel doubts of those who are pro-change but are worried that they many not be able to use it proficiently.

Features of Web-based Clinic Management System

Following are a few common features of the doctor management system.

  • Electronic Medical Records
  • International Code of Diagnosis
  • In-built Queue System
  • Appointment and Scheduling and Reminders
  • Billing and payment
  • Consultation
  • Inventory
  • Reports
  • Email & SMS Management

Look for and make sure that these are available in the software chosen by you. Search on the internet, take advice from your friends, and other professionals, and make a list of clinic management systems matching your requirements. Then, you can contact each manufacturer or the provider of the software and get more details. Don’t forget to ask for a demo of the software which will help you immensely in choosing the most suitable one for your clinic.

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Buy Your Clinic Management System from Pre-qualified ICV Vendors

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Clinic Management System Singapore


Today’s doctors and hospital administrators have understood the importance of searching for and implementing a well-designed medical software. Most of them choose to purchase it from pre-qualified ICV vendors approved by Spring Singapore. The purchase of software qualifies for ICV grant worth S$5000 and 60% of PIC grant.

The modern small and medium-sized medical clinics need to accomplish many tasks such as the patient registration, appointment scheduling, medical billing, drugs and stock management, doctor management, inventory management, etc. The clinic management system assists them in streamlining of these tasks.

Optimize Your Resources with Hospital Management System

It is costly for any organization to hire skilled and trained staff. The hospitals are no exceptions, and the management has to watch their expenditure on the staff, then, they have to make sure that the staff is optimally employed. However, the reality is that they need to use the staff to accomplish the tasks that are mechanical in nature. The management can overcome this problem by adopting an electronic medical records software.

Reduce Operating Costs with Clinic Management System

The web-based clinic management system is instrumental in easing the administrative burden of the small, mid-sized, and even, multi-specialty medical offices. It is an opportunity for the clinics to reduce their operating costs and shift their focus to the core objectives of running a healthcare unit, i.e., providing optimum care for the patients and ensuring their well-being. Physician practice management software assists in economizing of the resources and is instrumental in shooting up of a clinic’s profits.

Integrated Approach

The online Doctor and Clinic Management System Software integrates various modules. The details may differ, but the modules assist hospitals and clinics in effectively discharging the administrative and patient-related duties. A hospital administrator should never forget that automation is a key to improving efficiency and the productivity of the medical practices. Ultimately, it improves the establishment’s return on the investment and makes its survival and growth possible.

Patient Management

The clinic management system software assists the hospital task in keeping a keen eye on the incoming patients, their medical records, appointment scheduling, prescriptions, and so on. By automating these functions, the software transforms a clinic in a paperless one.

The software incorporates International Code of Diagnosis (ICD). It assists the doctors by presenting standard medicines with standard dosage, frequency and quantity at the time of generating the prescriptions.

Overall, the electronic medical records software helps in improving patients’ hospital experience by reducing their waiting time.

Drugs Management and Inventory Management

Every healthcare institution needs efficient Drugs Management and Inventory Management. The modules incorporated in hospital information system enable the administrator in checking the inventory levels of various hospital items like drugs, medical instruments, etc. The software sends an alert the administrator which then can initiate the steps to replenish the items that have reached their minimum threshold level.

Smooth Medical Billing and Payments

The medical billing software assists in streamlining of the payments made by the patients. The specially designed module capably takes care of billing requirements of private and corporate patients. It also provides proper handling of refunds and statements of accounts.

Vaccination and Appointment Reminders

The Email & SMS Management module automatically sends emails and SMS reminders to the patients and reminds them of their appointments or vaccination at the hospital. It reduces the no-show incidences and contributes to the hospital’s return on investment.

SBS Consulting is a pre-qualified integrated solution provider by Spring Singapore. Investing in the Doctor and Clinic Management System Software by SBS is not an extravagant expenditure. It is a simple and an efficient way of making your healthcare setup more productive.

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Clinic Management

Few Questions to Be Answered Before Investing into Clinic Management System

It does not matter whether you are running a beauty salon or restaurant, and it is irrelevant if your clinic is small or you own a multi-speciality hospital, what is important is how you manage your business. Modern businesses are inclined to use modern technology, and clinics or hospitals are not that different. If you are planning to use a well-designed clinic management system, then it is guaranteed that you will gain an added advantage and lead you to get a definitive competitive edge over your competitors. However, before you opt for any such clinic management system, there are certain questions you should ask yourselves.

Questions You Should Ask Yourselves before Selecting a Clinic Management System

  • What is better? A web-based or a desktop-based clinic system

In a web-based clinic management solution you surely have, some advantages compared to desktop solutions, as if…

You can manage your clinic at any time and from anywhere

Data is automatically stored ensuring you will never lose it, relieving you from the additional efforts of backing up data, now and then.

Data is stored at safe and secure location free of any spyware or virus threats

For web-based software, you do not have to indulge in any downloading or installation activities, which usually call for additional problems and software issues.

Updating or customizing desktop-based solutions are a lengthy and critical procedure, whereas web-based solutions is regularly updated and easily customized.

  • What Type of Model is Suitable? A Subscription or One Time Payment Solution

Most of the desktop-based clinic systems are based on onetime payment model and almost all the web-based solutions are on monthly rental or subscription model.

More often, it has been seen that the solutions or software’s available on monthly rental basis offer unmatched features and better commitment towards in excellent customer service.

When one time paid solutions offer worse service as they run from their responsibility of after sales service, solutions based on a monthly rental scheme are devoted to offering only the best and guaranteed results to their clients.

  • What Exit Feature is offered By the System?

One of the important aspects you should look for in a clinic management software is what exit strategy it provides. It is always better to stay away from the products locking your owned data and forbidding you to access it during your requirement. A good clinic management system will allow you to take away your stored data as and when required in a usable format.

  • What Should You Focus? Implementation or Purchasing

Being an impatient shopper; most of us, have a habit of purchasing anything on an impulse. Well! Clinic Management System is not something, which can be purchased on such impulse or with a nod from your sixth sense.

When you want to invest in a good clinic, system then you should ask for a trial package. Implement it, use, it, analyze it and then decide the one that is better for your clinic.  

Sometimes, it is better to carry out due diligence about the product you will be purchasing. Find out about the number of customers using it, reviews, satisfaction level, complaints if any and positive points that you are not aware of.

  • What Should You Prefer? Features or Usability

Often clinic management solutions are marketed based on their features. However, the questions you should ask yourselves is, do you or will you use all those features or are those features necessary in your clinical practice.

It is better to focus on usability and productivity of the product. Check out if the software is easy to use, will it solve all your problems, do it answers all your queries and would it be a good investment to manage your practice efficiently.


Investing in a good clinical management system will turn waiting area of your clinics, into assets from being a liability. Manage your clinic efficiently by keeping your waiting rooms empty and your practice busy with minimum paperwork and by eliminating common human errors. With an efficient and cost effective clinic management system, you can manage your clinic and your practice with relative ease, security, reliability, and flexibility.