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Get a Technology-driven, EMR Software Solution for Your Singapore Clinic


Every healthcare professional has to deal with a large amount of information. In a GP’s or Physician’s medical practice it is difficult to deal with it without an integrated clinic management system. A doctor and clinic management system eliminates the manual and repetitive tasks of a clinic and assists the clinic manager in streamlining its day-to-day activities.

Why Do You Require to Invest in a Patient Management System?

The life in Singapore is fast-paced and for most of the individuals, each minute counts. A patient coming to a GP practice for treatment can hardly spend the time in waiting for his or her file to be found by the front-desk staff.

The drawbacks of the paper-file-based system are that the files need to be manually searched. These files can be misplaced, lost, or get stolen. The data recorded in them is also not secure, making it necessary for the medical practices to adopt a technology-driven clinic management system.

Electronic Medical Records

Compare the efficiency of a paper-file-based system with that of a highly integrated software that incorporates Electronic Medical Records and you will find every reason to implement a medical software for doctors in your office.

  • An EMR software captures patients’ data in a structured manner.
  • Using EMR-based data it is easy to maintain a patients’ data in one place and also transmit it to a consulting doctor.
  • The system makes it available to the other authorized users of the system.
  • The hospital’s, as well as patient’s personal details and medical history, are stored in a secure location on the server.

SMS and Email Management

The benefit of adopting a web-based doctor management Singapore system is that the patients do not have to ask the clinic’s staff for information. They can simply go online and book an appointment to see the doctor at the clinic.

  • Most importantly, the system sends SMS and email reminders about the appointments to the patient.
  • The system also sends SMS and email vaccination alerts to the concerned individuals.
  • The staff can also use it to send automated birthdays greetings and other messages to the staff and patients.

The process is completely automatic and needs no human intervention. It takes a load of work off the backs of staff.

SBS Consulting, a Singapore-based company, offers one such EMR-based online clinic management system. The firm is a pre-qualified ICV Vendor of SPRING Singapore for SBS clinic management system. The purchase of software, depending on the approval by the concerned authorities, qualifies for the ICV and PIC grants. The following are the features of the software.

SBS’ Clinic Management System Integrates:

  • Electronic Medical Records

  • International Code of Diagnosis (ICD)

  • In-built Queue System

  • Appointment and Scheduling and Reminders

  • Billing and payment

  • Consultation

  • Inventory

  • Reports

  • Email & SMS Management

Inventory Management

Inventory management is a major concern in almost every medical practice. A typical clinic needs drugs, medical equipment, tables and other items required on daily basis. The clinic manager needs to maintain the inventory and replenish the items from time to time. It is a manual task which becomes simple with the use of online clinic management software.

  • The doctor & clinic management system software allows the manager to keep a check on the drugs in the stock.
  • The system maintains a database to store the name of the medicines along with its stock and expiry details.
  • When the stock goes below a pre-set level software sends alert to the concerned individual who then can take steps to replenish the stock.
  • The system also sends alerts about the expiry of the medicines.

The days of operating a clinic in the traditional fashion and relying on the paper-based record system are long gone. It is also true for the doctors providing healthcare in Singapore. There are many medical practice management systems in the market that can really improve your clinic’s overall efficiency in no time. Choose wisely and as soon as possible and boost the productivity of your clinic.