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Clinic Management System to Promote Advanced In-House Practices

It is incredibly tough to manually administer a GP clinic having heavy footfall. You need a state-of-the-art clinic management system to back you up in such a situation. Every business is making all its efforts to keep its pace with the new technologies. The GP clinics and Physician’s offices also need to adopt business software Singapore that could increase their Returns on Investment.

The implementation of a clinic management software leads to automation of various in-house processes. Moreover, by freeing the staff from the labor intensive and non-core, but, essential tasks, it allows the optimized use of the human resources. All of this, obviously, culminates in the increased efficiency and productivity of the whole enterprise.

Doctor & Clinic Management Software
Clinic Management software

Look for an Integrated Clinic Management Software

A well-built and integrated clinic management system Singapore helps the clinic administrator in streamlining of a number of clinic Software features like,

  • Patients Management
  • Doctor Management
  • Appointments & Scheduling Management
  • Patient Visit Details
  • Prescription Management
  • Allergy warning Management
  • Vaccination pending reminders & alerts
  • Drugs Management – Expiring drug Alerts
  • Electronic Medical Report
  • Email and SMS Management – Reminders for Appointment
  • Medical Billing and Payment Management
  • Inventory Management
  • Lead Management & Tracking
  • Custom Reporting & Analytics
  • Dashboard Reporting
  • Business Intelligence & Analytics
  • Knowledge Base Management

Streamline In-house Processes with Clinic Management System

Without a web-based clinic management system, the clinic staff catering to a large number of patients has to be on its toes. Every new arrival means they have to physically search for the patient’s record or file if they still depend on the old paper filing system. For a modern clinic, it is not the most preferred way of maintaining records. And, there is always a chance of the records getting misplaced, lost, stolen, or damaged.

On the other hand, an online clinic management system Singapore provides you with an elegant solution. It provides you with the easy to navigate user interfaces to capture patient’s details, demographics, and medical history. The software stores it in the central data repository maintained at the Web Servers.

Adopt Innovative Payroll System & Master Your PayDay

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Clinic Management System Singapore to Reduce Workload

The digitization of the clinic’s data leads to the automation of the task and reduced workload for the staff at the reception desk. It also saves storage space consumed by the filing system and the costs involved.

On-the-Go Access

The data on the server is accessible to the authorized users of the clinic management software 24X7 and from anywhere. With an integrated doctor management software in place, the users have the liberty of using a variety of devices. They can use a desktop, laptop, tablet, or a smartphone having internet connectivity to access the data instantly. Most importantly, the data on the servers is safe from any mishap at the clinic.

Appointments and SMS & Email Reminders

A healthcare center like a GP clinic or a Physician’s medical practice has to maintain its workflow in check. It is where a medical software for doctors proves to be useful. It offers well-defined modules like Appointments & Scheduling management and SMS & Email Reminders and helps in optimizing doctor’s time.

Inbuilt Queue System

These systems also come with Inbuilt Queue System and incorporate digital displays to facilitate ordered treatment of the patients. They incorporate International Code of Diagnosis (ICD) which is a real help in preparing flawless medical claims. The insurance companies appreciate such claims and, it ultimately leads to the smooth processing medical bills and payments.

A clinic management system is designed to work seamlessly with the accounting software like MYOB and QuickBooks which comes as the blessing for the staff from finance and accounting departments. It leads to simplified patient management for the clinic staff from various departments. It naturally leads to increased patient satisfaction, the enhanced brand image of the clinic, and greater profits.

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Digitize Your Practice with Clinic Management Software

Gone are the days when keeping patient’s data and records were done manually, it is the era of advanced technology, and so the medical industry is also rapidly turning to the digitization of the practice. While the manual process involves various functional inefficiencies, the emergence of clinic management software has transformed the way doctors, and GPs operate their clinics. Moreover, the manual process is error-prone, time-consuming, exhaustive and labor-intensive. A modern clinic management system is an automated software that streamlines the day-to-day activities of a clinic.

The fate of your medical practice depends on the method you implement in your practice. Your medical practice method could either improve patients care or could be a nightmare for your staffs. If you want to take the clinic to the next level of success, you must ensure to implement an updated clinic software. It may prove to be the game-changer for your practice.


Why Switch to Web-based Clinic Software?

The medical software allows the doctors and GPs to use paper-free practices in this stiff competition. It promotes effective communication among the staffs and patients. An efficient clinic software integrates all aspects of medical management including patient’s data, appointment & scheduling, billing, reporting, etc.

With the help of this automated tool, doctors, nurse, and medical staffs can arrange, compile, use and store piles of information at the clicks of few buttons. In a nutshell, it empowers the users to deliver best-in-class patient care in the industry. Given the various benefits the clinic management software has to offer, the modern and advanced clinics have welcomed this sort of system with open arms. It has now become an integral part of healthcare fraternity. Digitization of your clinic is highly recommended as it enhances the efficiency level manifold.

Features of Online Clinic Management Software: 

  • It is a ready-to-use software. No additional hardware installation is required.
  • Wide choice of modules with the customized solution is available.
  • The software is accessible around the clock.
  • An authorized user can access the data anywhere, bet it home, office or clinic, etc. (subject to internet connectivity)
  • Compliant to all main OS like Microsoft, Mac, etc.
  • One can use the software on any device such as the computer, laptop, tablet, smartphone, etc.
  • Integration with accounting software reduces the need for data redundancy.
  • Data once stored, are securely saved in a web browser. 

What are the benefits of using clinic management system?

There is a section of doctors who still prefer to keep their reports and data in the age-old system of paper filing. It not only just consumes a large chunk of time, but also needs a substantial physical space and infrastructure for storage purpose. 

Above all, the chances of file misplacement, frauds, loss of data are high. 

  • The software enables the doctors to get rid of papers, register, and documents which are not only hard to manage and store, but also prone to wear and tear.
  • Keeping constant tabs on patient’s health report and analyzing previous medical reports made easy with an advanced clinic software. The medical history of the patients is just a few clicks away. More improved medical care is assured.
  • It bridges the gap between patients, doctors, nurses and medical staffs. It improves the co-ordination between the various departments. They remain connected with this software.
  • Automation of various task ensures improved efficiency of clinical practice. The software simplifies the task of managing patient’s records, billing, inventory management, appointment & scheduling and sending alerts and reminders. It minimizes the operating costs of a clinic which in turn improved the productivity level.
  • 100% data accuracy is assured in an automated clinic management system. Thus, there are no chances of wrong treatment due to the wrong diagnosis.
  • In today’s competitive world where patients do not compromise with the quality of medical care, implementation of online clinic management software is the need of the hour. Digitization of your clinical practice will increase the efficient and enhance the quality of patient care.

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Upgrade Your Clinic with Medical Clinic Management Software

The advanced medical technologies and software are not limited to big healthcare providers. The GP clinics and physician’s medical offices can also harness the power of state-of-the-art medical clinic management software.

The clinic management system Singapore enables them to automate the tasks for front-office and back-office staff. They also benefit from the streamlining of the clinical & administrative services rendered at single and multiple clinics.


Integrated Web-based Clinic Management Software

Implementing a medical clinic management software in your GP clinic is the need of time. It is a great investment as it will enable your clinic to streamline various of its day-to-day tasks. The clinic system software improves the efficiency and the productivity of a healthcare center by automating a number of its activities.

Traditionally, the small clinics use to depend on the paper files to record patients’ personal details and medical history. Some still haven’t changed an iota and continued to do so. However, it is an outdated system. The true is a large number of medical professionals not only in Singapore but the world over have upgraded their clinics with medical software for doctors. Today’s trend is to maintain a paperless medical practice and go digital with the patient-related data.

Capturing Patients’ Data

One of the USPs of web-based clinic management software is its use of EMRs (Electronic Medical Records). It allows front-office staff to capture the patients’ personal information and medical history in a structured format. Such data is easy to exchange with the other medical professionals. It also keeps the patients’ health-related data together. It is a great improvement over the isolated data maintained by a patient’s number of doctors in their paper-file-based system.

Data Storage

The data captured by the medical clinic management software is stored at a central location in the web servers. There, the data remains safe from any mishaps at the hospital like fire, earthquake, flooding, etc. It is easy to access and retrieve for the authorized staff of the clinic.

The security matrix employed incorporated in the system allows the doctors access to all type of data. However, it is not the case with the other staff members of the clinic. They get to see what they need to know. The arrangement is essential for safeguarding the data and maintain the confidentiality of the patients’ sensitive information.

What a Clinic System Software Can Does for You

The medical clinic management software assists a health care setup by making available the following features,

  • Patients Management
  • Electronic Medical Records (EMRs)
  • International Code of Diagnosis
  • In-built Queue System
  • Appointment and Scheduling and Reminders
  • Vaccination pending Reminders & Alerts
  • Improved Billing and Payment
  • Consultation
  • Inventory
  • Reports
  • Email & SMS Management

The medical professionals also benefit from the use of a highly integrated clinic management system, as it eases their work by providing for,

  • Allergy warning Management
  • Prescription Management
  • Patient Visit Details
  • Electronic Medical Report

Appointment and Scheduling: Reminders & Alerts

The medical clinic management software simplifies work for the front-desk staff by automating communication with the patients. Traditionally, the task was done using phones and having a verbal conversation with the patients. However, it is costly and takes time.

The system sends SMS and Email to the patients to remind and alert them about their appointments at the clinic. It also sends alerts about the pending vaccination. Some of the clinic management software even allow the clinic managers to send greetings to the patients and staff on their birthdays and festive or special occasions.

Management of Billing and Payment

The clinic system software that uses International Code of Diagnosis (ICD) are useful. It helps in systematizing the medical claims. These tools are designed to seamless connectivity with the top accounting software like MYOB and Quick Books which takes the complexity out of the billing and payment management for the staff working in the accounts and finance departments.

One of the benefits of the online medical clinic management software that it offers intuitive user interfaces and is easy to use. It takes the staff no time to get used to it. Its implementation in the GP clinics and physicians practices really helps in reducing patients’ waiting time which results in customer satisfaction. The feeling reflects in the increased goodwill, the returns on investment and profit margins of the health care center.

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Clinic Management System that Fits Your Practice Like a Glove in Hand

The doctors are trying the implementation of doctor & clinic management system Singapore. They know the benefits of such a move. The system facilitates the GPs and Physicians to have a much better control over their administrative and billing tasks.

An integrated clinic software Singapore can assist a medical practice in efficiently transforming its internal processes. It allows them reduce their manual work, time spent in repeatative tasks, manual errors and overhead costs. That is why every GP’s clinic in Singapore are considering the use an integrated doctor & clinic management system Singapore. Afteral, their ultimate goals is to provide better healthcare to its patients and generate increased revenue and profit.

Clinic Management System


Implement an Integrated Clinic Management Software

If you search online, you will find different types of medical software for doctors. It makes selecting a medical clinic management software a tricky task. Searching for a web-based clinic management software is worth your while. These systems offer you with a versatile and cost-effective option to improve the workflow of your medical practice.

Go through as many online clinic management system as you can. The important thing is to know your clinic’s needs. Invite suggestions from your staff since they also deal with practical aspects of running your medical practice. This will enable you to avoid from getting burdened with a tool that is not as user-friendly as you wanted to it to be or that lacks in functionality that your clinic needs. The medical software differs in their features and offerings, however, following are few of the features that you must spcifically search for in the shortlisted doctor management software.

  • Electronic Medical Records (EMRs)
  • International Code of Diagnosis
  • In-built Queue System
  • Appointment and Scheduling and Reminders
  • Email & SMS Management
  • Billing and payment
  • Consultation
  • Inventory
  • Reports

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Selecting a Clinic Management System Singapore

  • Involve Your Staff: Involving your staff in fixing the needs of the doctor & clinic management system Singapore is important. If you are already using an old clinic software for the purpose then your staff will have so many things to contribute to the selection of a best tool for your clinic. Their participation in the process will inevitably cut short the resistance to the change, and will promote immediate acceptance of the new tool. In no time, your clinic will see an increase in its efficiency.
  • Take a Review of In-house Processes: Delegate one of your staff the task of reviewing of your standard operating procedures. Let him or her to make a flowchart or the process maps showing the relations and dependencies between your existing in-house practices. Let them do it for all the tasks starting with the patient appointment & scheduling, billing & payments to the inventory management. The process will highlight the areas you need to improve to bring them to current practices. It will also reveal what you need in your new clinic management software.
  • Prepare a Checklist for Medical Software for Doctors: Every GP clinics have special needs that is why they cannot take an off-the-shelf doctor & clinic management system Singapore and make them work for them. Even if you find a promising clinic software for your use, a little bit of customization may be necessary. Prepare a checklist of features and modules that you need in the system to be implemented. It will help you in having a software that will fit your medical practice like a glove. The checklist will also help you in communicating your requirements to the software manufacturer, the areas where they will need focus during the customization of their software.


  • Choosing a Web-based online Clinic Management System: There are desktop-based and web-based doctor & clinic management system Singapore available in the market. The latter ones make you free of your workstation. You will be able to access them using the desktop, laptop, smartphone or tablets from whereever you want. These systems captures and stores patient’s and clinic’s information in the centralized data repository maintained in the secure web servers. All you need to open your browser to the access the data instantly at any time of choosing.

Upgrading your clinic with a new doctor & clinic management system Singapore is big decision, as it is going to make you shed some of your familiar ways. Before taking a firm decision, you may want to ask around and get a reference from your friends and colleague and explore the options.

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Get a Web-based Clinic Management Software for Your GP Clinic

Today, medical practitioners need to get a grip on the day-to-day activities of their clinics, without losing their focus on providing health care to patients. That is why the doctors are turning their attention towards the use of web-based clinic management software.

The online doctor management software enable the doctors in increasing the workflow of their healthcare center. These tools are aimed of streamlining the tasks of in a GP clinic and thus, bringing down the its operating costs.

This blog attempts to elaborate on the common features and benefits found in the clinic management systems.


Patient Management

In a GP clinic that still believe in paper-file-based records system and manual efforts to register and keep track of each its patients, it becomes a time-consuming activity.

A web-based clinic management software assists you in capturing and storing the patient’s personal information and medical history of all the patients in a systematic way. It results in medical office having less dependance on paperwork. It saves innumerable hours and manual efforts, especially when it comes to storing and locating patients’ files.

The patients records are instantly accessible as they are stored digitally, they are practically a few mouse-clicks away. You can access them without wasting time whenever the patient revisits the clinic. With clinic management software, you or your staff, no longer have to waste time flicking through the pages of a register or sorting through files to find the relevant details.

The system keeps patients’ and clinic related data, including financial data, in a central data repositiory maintained on the webserves. It makes the data immune to any natural disaster at the hospital. The data is instantly available from anywhere over the internet, allowing the research-mided doctors to go through the data from their office, home, or from anywhere in the world.

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Management of Drugs

The medical software for doctors allows the medical practitioners or clinic mangers in monitoring the drugs in stock at the clinic. It manages a database and allows you to manage the stock, without letting any of them go waste.

The medical clinic management software warns you by providing expiry alerts for the drugs approching ther date-of-expiry, enabling you to take appropriate action in time. You can then decide to use or discard these drugs.

Management of SMS & Email Reminders

The SMS and Email management module is one of the important feature of the web-based clinic management software. It automates the process of sending reminders and alerts to the patients about their scheduled appointments and vaccination schedule. It allows them, in the case they have forgotten about it, to make proper adustments to their daily schedule and be at the clinic for the consultation with the doctor.

An online clinic management system also enables a doctor or a clinic manger in sending greetings to patients and the staff on important dates and maintain cordial relationship.

Management of Inventory

The inventory management is a manual and time consuming task. Like other businesses, the medical offices cannot escape it either. They also need to give proper attention to maintaining an inventory of medical stuff that is used on daily basis. The clinic system software keeps an efficient track of the drugs, medical equipment, disposable items, and other hospital stuff in the inventory and their usage.

A web-based clinic management software sends timely alerts to replenish the exhausted items from time-to-time. And as the system can be accessed from anywhere using a desktop, laptop, smartphones or tablet over the internet, it is easy to go through the records and send out an order.

Management of Billing and Payment

The medical software for doctors use International Code of Diagnosis (ICD) which enables them to systematically keep the records of treatment offered to each of their patient. It helps in efficient management of billing and payments. The software also generate the medical bills payable by the patients.

A fully-integrated web-based clinic management software system supports doctors by providing useful prescription management and allergy mangement. It alerts them if their prescription to a patient contains an allergy causing drug, enabling them to avert an unpleasent incidence. In all, the system, automates the tasks in a GP clinic and helps in improving its productivity. Having an efficient clinic is way to win patients’ appreciation and good-will which sooner or later gets traslated into an increase in the revenue and more profits.


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Adopt EMR-based Clinic Management Software to Upgrade Your Practice

Despite being living in a technically advanced era, are you still relying on the paper-based filing? If yes, it is the time to say adieu to it. Since technology has taken over our life for tons of good reasons, you being a technophile doctor must switch to an EMR-based clinic management software for filing the data electronically and reap plenty of its benefits. Invest in the Good Will and health of your practice and transform it into a digitized one.

Many practitioners struggle with finding solutions for their day-to-day activities. Finding a comprehensive EMR-based clinic management system that runs efficiently can streamline and meet the needs of the clinical practice. An efficient clinic software can free up the doctor to focus on providing the best possible patient care while maintaining the quality of every aspect of the organization.


What is an EMR-based Clinic Management Software?

An EMR-based clinic software is an automated medical system solution that allows doctors and GP practitioners to organize their practice in a seamless manner. All filing of the data or records is done electronically instead of using the paper-based labor-intensive method.

Features of a good and advanced EMR-based clinic management system include organization of patient records, allergy warning management, keeping track of appointment and scheduling, medical billing and payment system, electronic medical report, patient’ report management and SMS and email management.

How EMR-based Clinic Software help You Upgrade Your Practice?

EMR stands for Electronic Medical Record, and it is the digital version of paper charting. As the name suggests, an EMR-based clinic management software enables the users to keep piles of records in an electronic system. Ideally, an online medical software is a web-based system that capture, store and keep data (patient’s records) in a safe and secure web server.

  • It minimizes the use of paper-based files and hence, transform your office into paper-free practice.

  • The data redundancy is reduced as retention and retrieval of data can be done in just a few clicks of the button.

  • The online system streamlines the workflow of a clinic with the automation of the daily activities.

  • The patient’s data and records can be accessed at any time, using any device and from anywhere.

  • A good clinic management software integrates with accounting software.

  • Due to automation of work, doctors can easily get access to the patient’s data, whenever needed. It ensures the better quality of patient care.

  • In a modern and digitized clinical practice, the patient data and doctors decisions are accurate, reliable and instant.

Adopting EMR based clinic management system can save time, money and resources while upgrading your clinical practices. The necessity for a web-based EMR medical software cannot be stressed more, citing the plethora of benefits it has to offer. Make sure to buy the right and best clinic management software from the most trusted business provider in your area. So, what more you are waiting for? Implement it and deliver the best-in-class clinic experience to the patients in an unhindered manner.

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Investing in a Clinic Management System can Prove to be a Wise Decision for Your Practice

clinic management system
Clinic Management Software

Essentially, a comprehensive online software solution that single-handedly manages the functions like patient care, administrative and finance of a medical center, is termed as clinic management system. In today’s world, where patients demand better and prompt health care, managing a clinic can be tedious and complex without having an integrated information system in place.

A web-based clinic management system or a medical software is a great help to the GP practitioners and doctors for providing best patient care. The software has been evolved rapidly and now is capable of performing the most advanced and cutting-edge features to meet the demands of the medical fraternity.

Having a clinic management may cost you a few dollars, but it is an investment that is worth every penny. Because, it helps the clinics to improve services, save money (on paper files and manpower) and generate more revenue (due to fast and improved service).

Discover the Benefits of Clinic Software:

The benefits of a modern clinic management system are not just limited to the improved quality of patient care, but there are some other advantages also.

  • Centralize the data to improve the integrity of the information.

  • Simplified process of accessing patient’s data.

  • Data are securely saved in web server and accessible 24X7.

  • Authorized users can get accessed to the information anywhere at any time by using any devices such as laptop, tablet, smartphone and computer.

  • Automation of data ensured 100% accuracy and enhanced the reports turnaround times.

  • The process of patient’s data retrieval is now easy and fast.

  • Inventory management feature of the software enables the doctors or medical staffs to replenish the inventories that reaches minimum quantity threshold.

  • Doctors and medical staffs can give more time for patient’s care.

  • Allergy warning module of EMR integrated medical system automatically flags the warning for the drugs that may cause allergic reactions to the patients.

  • Billing and scheduling appointment have become a lot easier.

  • It reduces the chances of theft, loss of data, unauthorized access, and medical malpractices.

The use of Electronic Medical Records (EMR) integrated clinic system is on the rise. More and more GP practitioners and doctors are investing in medical software so as to the take the lead in the fierce competition prevailing in the market.

Medical Software for Doctors: An Ideal Choice

In today’s competitive world, there are so many advanced medical software solutions being launched that GP practitioners and doctors are confused about which one to select. The following points will highlight the features one must take into considerations when selection the best medical practice management software.

  • Easy-to-use, simple and web-based solution.

  • Price is competitive in the market.

  • Integrated with a wide range of modules.

  • Flexible and scalable in design.

  • Compatibility with the accounting software.

  • Less turnaround time for getting the problem fixed.

  • Availability of customized solution to suit your requirements.

  • The installation process is easy and fast. (select the one that does not require any extra hardware)

  • The manufacturer of the product must be well-recognized.

For better and improved patient care, it is inevitable to install an advanced clinic system. A modern medical software not only streamlines the processes of patient care but also helps in reducing the extra overheads and cost of a clinic. Thereby, it ensures a better service delivery and productivity. The excerpt clearly suggests that an investment in clinic management system is worth making. So, you better spend some money now to earn a lot more in the future.

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Buy Your Clinic Management System from Pre-qualified ICV Vendors

clinic management system
Clinic Management System Singapore


Today’s doctors and hospital administrators have understood the importance of searching for and implementing a well-designed medical software. Most of them choose to purchase it from pre-qualified ICV vendors approved by Spring Singapore. The purchase of software qualifies for ICV grant worth S$5000 and 60% of PIC grant.

The modern small and medium-sized medical clinics need to accomplish many tasks such as the patient registration, appointment scheduling, medical billing, drugs and stock management, doctor management, inventory management, etc. The clinic management system assists them in streamlining of these tasks.

Optimize Your Resources with Hospital Management System

It is costly for any organization to hire skilled and trained staff. The hospitals are no exceptions, and the management has to watch their expenditure on the staff, then, they have to make sure that the staff is optimally employed. However, the reality is that they need to use the staff to accomplish the tasks that are mechanical in nature. The management can overcome this problem by adopting an electronic medical records software.

Reduce Operating Costs with Clinic Management System

The web-based clinic management system is instrumental in easing the administrative burden of the small, mid-sized, and even, multi-specialty medical offices. It is an opportunity for the clinics to reduce their operating costs and shift their focus to the core objectives of running a healthcare unit, i.e., providing optimum care for the patients and ensuring their well-being. Physician practice management software assists in economizing of the resources and is instrumental in shooting up of a clinic’s profits.

Integrated Approach

The online Doctor and Clinic Management System Software integrates various modules. The details may differ, but the modules assist hospitals and clinics in effectively discharging the administrative and patient-related duties. A hospital administrator should never forget that automation is a key to improving efficiency and the productivity of the medical practices. Ultimately, it improves the establishment’s return on the investment and makes its survival and growth possible.

Patient Management

The clinic management system software assists the hospital task in keeping a keen eye on the incoming patients, their medical records, appointment scheduling, prescriptions, and so on. By automating these functions, the software transforms a clinic in a paperless one.

The software incorporates International Code of Diagnosis (ICD). It assists the doctors by presenting standard medicines with standard dosage, frequency and quantity at the time of generating the prescriptions.

Overall, the electronic medical records software helps in improving patients’ hospital experience by reducing their waiting time.

Drugs Management and Inventory Management

Every healthcare institution needs efficient Drugs Management and Inventory Management. The modules incorporated in hospital information system enable the administrator in checking the inventory levels of various hospital items like drugs, medical instruments, etc. The software sends an alert the administrator which then can initiate the steps to replenish the items that have reached their minimum threshold level.

Smooth Medical Billing and Payments

The medical billing software assists in streamlining of the payments made by the patients. The specially designed module capably takes care of billing requirements of private and corporate patients. It also provides proper handling of refunds and statements of accounts.

Vaccination and Appointment Reminders

The Email & SMS Management module automatically sends emails and SMS reminders to the patients and reminds them of their appointments or vaccination at the hospital. It reduces the no-show incidences and contributes to the hospital’s return on investment.

SBS Consulting is a pre-qualified integrated solution provider by Spring Singapore. Investing in the Doctor and Clinic Management System Software by SBS is not an extravagant expenditure. It is a simple and an efficient way of making your healthcare setup more productive.